Movie Review

I’m going to start writing posts about recent movies I’ve seen and how much I liked/disliked them. As an avid movie review reader, I sometimes get confused. I’ll go online, see that a movie was reviewed and it was a “Must SEE!”; only to be disappointed by the 2.5 hours I wasted of my life. So I’m going to give you a go-by…a guide per se….so you know my point of reference. See, a girly-girl likes movies like ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and other such mushysillydumb nonsense. Well I’m here to tell ya….I’m not that kinda girl. I’m going to list some of my all time favorites, and if you can relate, then you will probably understand and be able to utilize my reviews to decide on movies that may want to see. They are broken down by category (Note to fanboys/girls: if i leave a movie out it’s only due to the fact that I’m running out of room, please don’t be offended if I don’t list your all-time favorite). Without further adieu:

Star Wars
Donnie Darko

Event Horizon
The Shining

Big Fish
Finding Nemo
The Princess Bride

The Green Mile
Fight Club
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Old School
Pineapple Express

V for Vendetta


Pan’s Labyrinth

Pretty much any and all films having anything to do with Tim Burton, Johnny Depp or Edward Norton are good in my book. I’ll be adding movies to this post as I think of them but for now at least you have a glimpse into my taste.


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