Social Media Revolution

I have a lot of people come to me asking about social media. My company specializes in social media education along with web development. Our primary goal is to help people and companies get recognition via great design and web knowledge. One of the most overlooked and feared venues is the scary ‘social media’ monster. I’m finding that owners in the baby boomers generation and also the x generation are the ones that are the most timid. Well, I’m here to help. Social media, while sometimes complex, can be understood and made simple. There are several resources out there to soften the curve and I have a few linked here that I find informative. Some of these overlap, but different people have different ways of communicating certain aspects. If you are trying to convince your company/corporation to dive into social media marketing, find the info that fits your scenario the best. Feel free to comment or contact if you want more info!

Short Videos:

Articles to pull from:

Forrester….highly recommended


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