Creepy Crawlies


I must have a fascination with bugs and insects. I sure have a lot of pics of them lately. Reality check: I’m actually deathly afraid of anything that crawls or flies. That comes from my Dad. You see, my Dad is your average superman (in my eyes). He once almost severed his thumb with a table saw, only to come inside and say “We can just tape it up”. *blink* Umm Dad, your thumb is kinda hanging and gushing, you just might wanna go to the hospital. Anyway…this is the same man that will go running from a room if he sees a spider. So I guess the bug scaries is inherited. My Dad was afraid I would get bit by something when I was little so he would tell me “Bug BAD! BUG BITE BABY!” That mantra is seared somewhere in my subconscious because anytime I see a bug I will practically hurt myself to get away from it. Well, I guess not every time; these pics are proof positive that I brave my fears every now and again. But you will notice there are no photos of cockroaches. Um, yeah…that’s because anytime I see a cockroach I flee crying. C’mon now…you know those things are freaky….AND THEY KNOW IT TOO. Roaches will actually run towards you flailing their antennae trying to make you poop your pants. I’m just saying…cockroaches are the devil.


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