Some people call it Karma

So I got some news last night…that someone, somewhere got what was coming to them.* I can’t really say that I’m happy though. I feel like this person wronged me in the WORST way possible. And at the time I wanted nothing more for them to get a swift kick in the butt. I was enraged and hurt and pretty much inconsolable. But here I am 4 years later, better and stronger than ever. The pain just a memory, and a faded one at that. Truth be told, when I heard the news I really didn’t care. What did bother me is that someone else had to go through the same thing I did…at the hands of the same person. I wish that could have been prevented somehow. But I guess the reason I’m writing is so maybe someone can learn from this experience. Don’t be vengeful. I remember staying awake at night, feeling so angry…plotting and worrying. In the end, I should have just slept. If you are going through something right now that has you worked up and feeling like there is no justice in the world…just remember: in a few years it won’t even matter to you if you let go. So moral of the (long) story: LET GO.

*no, I won’t tell you who. if you know me…you know who it is.


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