PodCamp Nashville: Tips & Tricks

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PodCamp Nashville 2010 is this Saturday, March 6th. There’s a lot of info swimming around on teh interwebs so I thought I’d write a post to help converge everything. I attended BarCamp last year so look for tips in the post pulled from my experience:

Why attend PodCamp?
Basically, if you have any interest in digital media you should be there. Podcasting is just a small piece of that. This event encompasses blogging, tweeting and all things social media. I honestly think it will be a learning experience no matter what your involvement level. Besides, it’s a free event, so you really have nothing to lose. TIP: Some of the biggest players in digital media will be there so it’s an awesome networking opportunity. For a more in depth look at the why’s go check out the PodCamp site.

Alright you convinced me; now what?
You’ve decided to attend. Great! Follow these easy steps for a great PodCamp experience:

1. First thing you should do is register. Make sure you sign up on the site and complete your profile. That really helps out the folks that coordinate everything. The “Extras” tab in your profile is important (click “Edit” then “Profile” then “Extras”) because only the first 300 people to register and show up before noon get a t-shirt. You can also RSVP on the facebook fan page. TIP: Grab a badge to let your followers know your attending.

2. Ok all good and registered. Now sign up for sessions. There is a wide variety and many different subjects so choose the ones that interest you. Remember, signing up for a session is not a hard commitment, but it does indicate your preferences which allows us to predict and shift needs for space. The session schedule will be online sometime on Tuesday, March 2nd and you will receive a printed version at check-in.

3. Get prepared the night before. You’ve got a big day ahead of you! Here’s what you can expect. The event takes place at Cadillac Ranch in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Street parking is no longer free on Saturdays, so be sure to figure out your parking arrangements ahead of time. TIP: Bring some cash for drinks and lunch. Lunch last year was awesome and inexpensive. Plus buying lunch at the venue supports our great sponsors! Doors open at 8am for late registration, check-in, breakfast, and early networking, and the first sessions will begin promptly at 9 am. You will get your session schedule at check-in. TIP: As soon as you get your schedule, plan out what sessions you want to attend. This helps tremendously because you’ll have a sense of direction throughout the day. If you decide a session isn’t what you thought it was, or its not helpful to you, leave and find another. There are no rules, this is all about your learning experience, no feelings will be hurt!

Things you can bring: moleskines, laptops, cameras and video cameras are welcomed. We want you to make the most of your day and share your experience. TIP: Be mindful that plugs are a hot commodity, so be sure to charge everything up ahead of time. Also, bring something to carry everything in…the rooms are on different levels and switching rooms happens fairly quickly so being light and mobile is your best bet. My backpack was a lifesaver at BarCamp.

4. Be prepare to stay for the after event. That is when the party starts! We have a great evening planned with more food, drinks and networking so make the most out of your PodCamp experience and stay for the after event.

Of course you can find all this and more on the PodCamp site.

I’m attending
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