Communication – Why I Hate Voicemail

Voicemail is teh pointless

I think there is something we’re overlooking. We can go to the moon, but voice mail is still crazy ridiculous. I despise voice mail. For BOTH users.

The Callee
1. Missed call
2. Dial VM service
3. Enter password
4. Listen to robot tell me I’ve got a message. No. freakin. duh.
5. Press 1 to hear messages
6. “hey, call me when you get this”
7. &^%$#@!
8. Delete/keep message
9. Save other messages that I need
10. Hang up

The Caller
1. Listen to the personal message “Hi, I’m not here right now” blah blah blah
2. Listen to the the service carrier message “Please leave your message after the beep, or press pound for more options. Alternately, you could possibly drive to this person’s house by the time I’m finished talking”
3. BEEP!

If you need to get a hold of me and I don’t pick up my phone, please just either text me or call back later and save us both the hassle. =)


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