Sometimes People Make Me Angry

Thought I’d share a little tale with you fine folks today. We’ll start off with me. I’m not perfect. I’m not pretentious. But there are little things that REALLY get under my skin. This morning is a shining example. Today, I went to Publix to buy breakfast for everyone I work with. I vaguely noticed the guy in the checkout line a few rows down who was buying cigarettes and vitamin water (what a paradox). We both finished paying around the same time, so I’m walking out of the store a few yards behind him. I load my groceries. I notice in my peripheral vision that he’s sitting in his car. He’s one row ahead of me.  I get in my car and as I’m putting the key in the ignition I watch him unwrap his cigarettes and throw out the plastic and foil that keeps them sealed. On the GROUND ya’ll. This lazy bastard rolls down his window and throws out the plastic and foil onto the parking lot. I almost, ALMOST, just turned my key and left. But I had a moment of clarity. A few weeks ago, I was out dancing with the amazing Erin Cubert. We were walking out of one of the dance clubs and noticed a guy throwing a beer can into the street. Erin stopped, walked back and threw the beer into a garbage can literally a few feet away. She stated “that just gets under my skin, people who don’t care”. And let me tell you folks….seeing that guy throw his trash out his car window made my skin crawl. So, I pulled my key out of the ignition, marched over to his car and picked up his trash. Right in front of him. I walked the few feet to the garbage can by the curb and threw it away. He started his car and had to drive right past the garbage can to leave the parking lot. As I looked up, he was laughing at me. My blood boiled. Something so seemingly insignificant to so many, made me want to take on the world in that moment. My hope is that he realizes that some are disgusted by his behavior, and he’ll make changes for the better. But my understanding of most of humanity tells me otherwise. What about you? What would’ve made you get out of your car?


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9 responses to “Sometimes People Make Me Angry”

  1. Courtenay Rogers says :

    Good job! I do the same thing. I remember littering when I was a kid like it was no big deal. Now, I can’t imagine not using a trash can. Sadly, there are people who don’t care and all we can do is clean up after them. Literally.

  2. Jordan says :

    Not crazy… well, not for that at least.

    Well done not giving in to apathy, there aren’t many (unfortunately) that I meet on a daily basis that take the extra minute.

  3. Les says :

    Wow! That’s inspirational. I live on highway 46. It links Dickson with the small town of Erin. It’s a “main” highway thru the county. As is typical of county roads, there’s a ditch that lines the road to control runoff from the rain.

    It seems this ditch has some kind of sign that says “throw your trash in me, Les will get it for you!” Needless to say, I have to do trash patrol before each lawn mowing so I don’t spray ground up paper, platic, glass or aluminum all over the yard.

    And, even more needless to say, it makes my blood not only boil, but shoot out of my pores. Lazy ass M-Fers!!! And, I will spare you e details of the items I’ve found. If I ever saw one of these yahoos throwing the stuff from their cars I might jump into mine and follow them so I could return the favor. 🙂

    More power to you, Dani. You’re a much better person than that A-hole. He’ll get his.

  4. Matt Martin says :

    You know, the guy may have been laughing but down inside he knew what he did wasnt right.

    You did the right thing, I have done the same, and you built up a little good karma along the way.

    • chaoskitten82 says :

      i hope a little piece of him died inside watching me pick up his litter. maybe he’ll think twice next time.

  5. Freaky Weasel says :

    I pick up litter all the time walking around. But I can’t think of anything I’d leave my car for.

    Of course, it’s different with guys, leaving my car I think would take on a tone of aggression.

    It’s better to follow them and find out where they live. After a night out, before rolling in at 3am, stop by and leave them a gift on the hood of their car.

    I choose body fluids, but you can be creative.

    Note: It does require a bit more effort, but is much more satisfying.

    • chaoskitten82 says :

      HA! I could see you doing that. It’s a horrible visual. But I think I’ll let Karma do the dirty work 😉

  6. John Buehler says :

    We can’t force other people to do things. Sad, but ultimately true. All we can do is show them that there is a better way. Hopefully while this jerk is mouthing off about this incident to his (probably also low-life) friends, one of them will stand up and tell him that what he did was just not cool. Thanks for showing him that there is a better way.

  7. Taylor says :

    lol..what a loser!!! You go girl!

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