My poor piggy

My poor piggy
So this happened yesterday. I was wrangling my dog into the laundry room so I could vacuum. Normally I put him outside because he’s not a big fan of the vacuum. BUT yesterday,  my fiance went across the street to be a good samaratin (the storms from last week blew our neighbor’s tree down and he was going to chop it up for them) and he left our gate open. Since I was barefoot and our driveway = super-pointy rocks, I thought I’d just put the dog in the laundry room to keep him out of the path of the scary vacuum. Our laundry room is pretty small. By the time I got our 75lb dog in there, I was scrambling to get out. I kicked the doorframe. &*%$#@!. Expletives came spewing forth; I thought I stubbed my toes. No big deal. Till I looked down. My poor, poor pinky toe on my right foot was slightly askew. That’s when I know something was afoot. (zing!) The ER was not fun. They took 3 x-rays but said they couldn’t use them because they were “inconclusive”. The nurse decides to numb me up so they can move my toe around. She starts injecting a TON of numbing fluid into my toe. So much that the pressure from the fluid caused the bone to slip back into place. I shouldn’t say slip, I should say ohholyhellmytoeisfallingoff POPPED back into place. Then they took a second round of x-rays and viola! Bone is fine! Just a few fragments floating around, but I should be good. They buddy taped my toes together (quote from the nurse while taping “Let’s be friends!”) and gave me pain meds. Sweet, sweet pain meds. It still hurts like a sumbish, but at least I’ll be able to sleep. Moral of the story? Always wear sneakers when doing housework.


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