There really is no explanation…other than I just wanted to. I started this blog to keep up with friends and family here and back home. Born and raised in the Houston, TX area but since 2008 I’ve been living in Nashville, TN. My name is Dani. I’m a web developer who works for a healthcare company by day and works under the alias of Red Canary Creative by night. My interests include cats, dancing and…aw hell…I’m pretty much up for anything. Concerts, karaoke, movies, hiking, kayaking…outgoing and laid back …a conundrum for sure. I’m a glass half full kinda gal, so if you invite me somewhere I’ll be making the most of it. I’ve been called a mean roller skater and a great cook.

I’m torn between being the woman I want to be and the girl I once was. How is it going to end up? Don’t know, but I’m having fun finding out.


3 responses to “Explanation”

  1. Wayne W says :

    Hi Dani! Miss you! Hope everything is perfect in your life. Let me know if you come back to Texas, we can meet up! God Bless ya!

    Wayne W.

    oh yes….Hook’em Horns!!!

  2. Kelly says :

    Lovin this blog! Thanks for making me laugh at work. I am sure my neighbors find me strange as I frequently have loud bursts of laughter coming from my cubicle.

  3. Katelyn says :

    adding you to my reader! love finding other nashville bloggers.

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