Before I Die

  1. Become conversational in another language
  2. Complete a half marathon
  3. Have sex in all 50 states (7/50)
  4. Own a house
  5. Visit every continent (North America, South America)
  6. Hike the Grand Canyon
  7. Take silly pictures in a photo booth (9/10/11)
  8. Buy a boat
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Be an extra in a movie or a television show
  11. Give birth to or adopt a child
  12. Go snorkeling in Belize
  13. Get naked on a nude beach
  14. Read 25 books in a year
  15. Walk on a glacier
  16. Watch the sunrise
  17. Join the mile high club
  18. Start a charity
  19. Volunteer in another country
  20. Learn to surf
  21. Invent & patent something
  22. Help someone know God
  23. Take a mud bath
  24. Go to a major music festival
  25. Stay at a spa for an entire weekend
  26. Get a puppy (8/26/09)
  27. Visit a different country once a year for five years
  28. Buy the perfect little black dress
  29. Own my own company
  30. Make homemade jam
  31. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  32. Ride a high-speed train
  33. Go canoeing
  34. Ride a jet ski
  35. Ride a zip line
  36. Stay out all night dancing
  37. Go on safari in Africa
  38. Hike a volcano (9/19/11)
  39. Speak at a national conference (11/13/12)
  40. Fly in a blimp
  41. Have boudoir photos taken of myself
  42. Bike across New Zealand
  43. Contribute to setting or breaking a world record
  44. Attend a food festival
  45. Visit a Redwood forest
  46. Take a photo at the equator, with one foot in each hemisphere
  47. Have a house with a pool
  48. Place in a dance competition
  49. Ride an elephant
  50. Hold a baby lion (5/8/14)
  51. Take a trip around the world
  52. Drink wine in Italy
  53. Dine in Paris
  54. See the seven wonders of the world
  55. Keep a real garden
  56. Complete an Olympic Triathlon
  57. Save a life
  58. Have an article written about me
  59. Get over my fear of bugs
  60. Learn to play pool well
  61. Sing at an event
  62. Get my scuba dive certificate (8/30/14)
  63. Learn PHP
  64. Swim with sharks
  65. Soak in a natural hot spring (9/18/11)

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