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Snark, Twitter & Beer

Sooo this just happened.

Yesterday evening whilst I was imbibing homemade Strawberry Basil Margaritas, I received a Twitter DM. I saw it and immediately thought it was an Auto DM with the purpose of trying to sell me something. “This is what I get for following a dude with 19K followers” I thought to myself. So this is what I wrote back this morning around 9am:


My snark was intended to mean: don’t try to sell me something without engaging with me first. One of my biggest pet peeves is Auto DMs and people following folks and trying to peddle their wares before at least making small talk. I see Twitter as a giant cocktail party. How would you feel if someone shook your hand and said “Hey, buy my stuff“. Not cool. So, in my generally snarky, smartass way, I replied back “…buy me a drink first”.

YngProfessional asked for my mailing address. I figured he was going to send me the book or something, so I replied cautiously with my work address (just in case he was a psycho at least he’d have to get through the building and find me first). This afternoon at 2pm a big box wrapped in green wrapping paper shows up. Inside is a letter, 6er of Fat Tire beer (YUM) and my favorite snack, pistachios.

Y’all THIS is engagement.

fat tire

The note was handwritten from the YngProfessional. It was kind and professional (true to his name). And I have to say, I was impressed just as much as I was creeped out. Ok, maybe a little more. But you know what? Creepy factor aside, this meant something. It meant he WAS listening and he WAS seeking engagement and realism. You’d have to at least read my twitter bio to know how much I love pistachios. There’s a right and a wrong way to go about social media, and I feel that this made up for the earlier faux pas.

I was pleasantly surprised and I hope to bump into him one day and say thanks for reaching out. What say ye dear readers? Creepy or awesome?



Just found out I’ll be speaking at the 16th Annual Greystone.Net Healthcare Internet Conference. Woot! Staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Speaking Wednesday November the 14th. My partner in crime business will be speaking with me about how we manage over 100 websites for IASIS.

On the Fence? The Top 10 Reasons to Attend BarCamp Nashville

If you are still debating on whether or not to attend BarCamp Nashville this year, lend me your eyes and read on so I can convince you not to miss one of Nashville’s biggest tech events:

The Top 10 Reasons to Attend BarCamp Nashville (from my point of view)

10.  Beer – You know this event is at a bar, right? Nothing says “I want to learn” better than getting buzzed by 1pm. Seriously…this isn’t your average stuffy-know-it-all conference…this is a laid back learning experience and it’s amazing.

9.  Friends – I bet you know at least one other person going to this event. If you don’t, guess what? I can almost promise you will leave with a new contact that could turn into a great friendship/partnership.

8.  Me – Connecting IRL with folks you LOL with online is great. BarCamp is a real world platform to meet the folks you chat, twitter and FB with daily.

7.  Food – Even though you have to pay for lunch, the Barcamp crew provide coffee & snacks to get you ready to sieze the day.

6.  Ideas – If you enjoy surrounding yourself with people whose opinions and attitudes make you think critically about your own methods and practices…you’ll love this event.

5.  Rule – As in, the Rule of 2 Feet. Ever been to a conference only to get stuck in sessions that cover topics that don’t interest you? That is basically an impossible scenario at BarCamp. There are usually 3-4 sessions planned for each time slot, and if you feel you aren’t benefitting from the session you decided on you just get up and walk to a different one. It’s that simple, and no one has hurt feelings. You are in total control of your learning experience.

4.  FREE – Generally people love the word free. BarCamp is a truly impressive learning event and it will cost you nothing.

3.  Sharing – If you’re attending BarCamp, you’ve got something to share. Some nugget of info inside your head may just be the key to unlocking someone else’s mysteries. Share yourself! Because it feels great knowing you can help others…no matter what your level of expertise.

2.  Networking – Nashville seems a whole lot smaller when you have so many important folks in one bar. You never know who is going to be there and what opportunities this event could lead to. At the very least, you will come away with a few business cards and perhaps a few friends.

And the #1 reason is…..

1.  Learning – That’s right. At BarCamp, you’ll be surrounded by smarty pants. Attend sessions and engage in conversations to cram as much knowledge in your brain as you can. I’m definitely hoping some smart rubs off on me.

PodCamp Nashville 2011: Express Yourself

It’s that time again! I’m revving up for PodCamp 2011. Although I could not commit to being on the planning committee this year, I’m volunteering day-of with all the fine folks who stepped up to make this the best PC yet! And I encourage you to do so as well. Volunteering is a great way to get your hands dirty (so to speak) in the tech and creative community. I’ve volunteered at PodCamp and BarCamp before and let me tell you, it was well worth it. You’ll have to be up early because the setup normally starts way before the doors open. All the volunteers are usually buzzing around doing various projects. Hanging signs, plugging in surge protectors and gathering swag bags are a few of the various jobs that have to be done. What makes this event so great is how smoothly it runs, and that is not by accident! Lots of hands make quick work of the setup and finishing touches. Even though the morning is fast paced, there are great networking opportunities. You never know who you’ll be brushing elbows with! So be sure to volunteer for PodCamp this year. You won’t regret it! See you there =)

BarCamp 2010

BarCamp Nashville 2010

Goodness, time has flown. I’ve been so busy with so much going on, where to start? Well let’s just pick up right where I am now, shall we? I’m the Marketing Coordinator for BarCamp this year. I’ve been working with the design, copywriting and web teams to make sure the event is promoted successfully. I’m also speaking at BarCamp this year. Yep. My topic is Time Management: How to make everyone think you own a flux capacitor. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. That being said, October is the busiest month I’m going to have all year. Projects, work and volunteering have me pulled in so many different directions, I hope there’s a bit of my sanity left when it’s over.

Communication – Why I Hate Voicemail

Voicemail is teh pointless

I think there is something we’re overlooking. We can go to the moon, but voice mail is still crazy ridiculous. I despise voice mail. For BOTH users.

The Callee
1. Missed call
2. Dial VM service
3. Enter password
4. Listen to robot tell me I’ve got a message. No. freakin. duh.
5. Press 1 to hear messages
6. “hey, call me when you get this”
7. &^%$#@!
8. Delete/keep message
9. Save other messages that I need
10. Hang up

The Caller
1. Listen to the personal message “Hi, I’m not here right now” blah blah blah
2. Listen to the the service carrier message “Please leave your message after the beep, or press pound for more options. Alternately, you could possibly drive to this person’s house by the time I’m finished talking”
3. BEEP!

If you need to get a hold of me and I don’t pick up my phone, please just either text me or call back later and save us both the hassle. =)

PodCamp Nashville: That’s a Wrap!

PCN10 Greeters

GOOD MORNING! is the first thing you would hear as you stepped through the doors at Cadillac Ranch. The beautiful Erin Cubert and the amazing Jeff Brown along with myself would shout out the greeting. Then you would proceed through the effortless registration process ran by the wonderful volunteers. PodCamp Nashville 2010 really was the most organized and smooth camp thus far. Everything seemed to fall into place. If you weren’t part of the crew/volunteers you may not know just how much work went into making the experience flawless. Behind the scenes, starting at 6am, there was bustling and buzzing going on while we hung posters, sorted badges and unpacked boxes. The coffee from Bongo Java and the yummy Dunkin’ Doughnuts were hand delivered by crew members. The posters were printed, picked up and lovingly hung by volunteers to help everyone find their way. As busy and hectic as it was that morning, it paid off two fold. Saturday was so much fun and a great learning experience for all. I’m so glad I was a part of it! If you’d like to be a part of the magical BarCamp/PodCamp experience, volunteer your time at the next event. You’ll be glad you did!

Links for reference:

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PCN10: 20 People You Should Know

PodCamp Nashville 2010

Last night was the first of many PodCamp Nashville 2010 meetings. I have a feeling (woo hoo) that this year’s PCN is going to be a great one with more participation than ever. Nominations were made, votes were tallied (and there was vast amounts of sarcasm from lucas the great) and I was voted in as official lackey*ahem* Marketing Coordinator. I’ll be following in the footsteps of The Great Kate; working with all the design, web and content teams to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s a challenge, a big responsibility and a time consuming project. But I think it will be rewarding to work with such talented Nashville folks. Looking forward to everything!