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An Open Letter to Elon Musk

Dear Mr. Musk (may I call you Mr. Musk?)

I wanted to write you to say that I told myself I would never buy a “new” vehicle. The markup, depreciation and racket of modern automotive purchasing made me queasy. I’m a woman of modest means, but when I heard Tesla was releasing a vehicle in my financial reach I did not hesitate. Your dedication and labor towards a better future, beautiful design and effortless tech inspired me to change my thinking. So today I put down my 1k deposit. I want my money to support innovation, growth and responsibility to my fellow man. And I think purchasing a Model 3 is the best way for my dollars to say that. Thank you for giving us hope that things can change for the better.

-Dani Howell


PodCamp Nashville: Tips & Tricks

PodCamp Nashville Logo

PodCamp Nashville 2010 is this Saturday, March 6th. There’s a lot of info swimming around on teh interwebs so I thought I’d write a post to help converge everything. I attended BarCamp last year so look for tips in the post pulled from my experience:

Why attend PodCamp?
Basically, if you have any interest in digital media you should be there. Podcasting is just a small piece of that. This event encompasses blogging, tweeting and all things social media. I honestly think it will be a learning experience no matter what your involvement level. Besides, it’s a free event, so you really have nothing to lose. TIP: Some of the biggest players in digital media will be there so it’s an awesome networking opportunity. For a more in depth look at the why’s go check out the PodCamp site.

Alright you convinced me; now what?
You’ve decided to attend. Great! Follow these easy steps for a great PodCamp experience:

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Live! From SoFresh Nashville

SoFresh Nashville
The conference is almost over and I’ve hit a quick break. It’s going really well. Some great tricks and tips have been offered up and I hope to bring them back to the real world. There’s a lot of BIT going on…but there’s also a lot of very useful information. SoFresh was chock full of great speakers and great content. PodCamp got a little attention due to some shameless plugging….hopefully people will respond to that. I’ve got my swing dance class tonight which will be a GREAT break from the brain overload. Here are some quick quotes & key points:
“Social Media is about business. Did we sell more stuff? If not, the practice of social media is just a hobby.”
“The Goliath effect. If you can make yourself the underdog with a happy ending…people will relate.”
“Trust and influence will drive commerce.”
“It’s not about selling…It’s about helping people buy. “

The Ultimate User’s Guide to Microwave Meals

Welcome! I hope you find this informative. Let’s get started, shall we?

Items needed:
Microwave  РAny old wattage will do
Growling Stomach – It’s imperative to be near starvation
Around $2.60 USD – Amount for meal depending on type*


  1. Obtain microwave meal from local grocer. Try not to be overwhelmed by the selection, they will all have the same taste and nutritional content.
  2. Remove meal from outer cardboard box. This step is superficial, really, since the meal will, in fact, taste like cardboard. Do NOT throw away box as it contain the necessary instructions for proper heating.
  3. At this point some assembly will be required. You may have to slide the meal into a sheath, build a small platform or create ventilation for it to cook properly. Consult box for details and IKEA-esque instructions.
  4. Enter time into microwave according to box directions. Depending on your microwave, the allotted time will either scorch or leave the middle of your item frozen. That’s just microwave science. It cannot be helped.
  5. To check doneness of your item poke with finger. If you have second degree burns, it’s done. If not, microwave again according to box instructions. Repeat.
  6. Allow to cool. If you don’t, side effects may include loss of taste buds and roof-of-mouth burning due to “hot spots”.
  7. Viola! You now have a perfectly edible piece of something!

*Most “meals” will contain English peas. You have to pay extra for those without them. Adjust your budget accordingly.

Social Media Revolution

I have a lot of people come to me asking about social media. My company specializes in social media education along with web development. Our primary goal is to help people and companies get recognition via great design and web knowledge. One of the most overlooked and feared venues is the scary ‘social media’ monster. I’m finding that owners in the baby boomers generation and also the x generation are the ones that are the most timid. Well, I’m here to help. Social media, while sometimes complex, can be understood and made simple. There are several resources out there to soften the curve and I have a few linked here that I find informative. Some of these overlap, but different people have different ways of communicating certain aspects. If you are trying to convince your company/corporation to dive into social media marketing, find the info that fits your scenario the best. Feel free to comment or contact if you want more info!

Short Videos:

Articles to pull from:

Forrester….highly recommended

Animal Lover, oh yea

This video is the trifecta of awesomeness. First, the subject matter. For anyone that has cats, you will laugh til you cry. Second, the sound effects. Third and most important, the TALENT. “Simon draws all of the Simon’s Cat films himself. This can require up to 25 drawings per second of animation.” And the illustrations are so great. I love this video. You should check out for the whole series.

Any other animal aficionados out there? I currently have two kittywitties and I’m in the market for a pup. (I also have two Betta fish at my office, jealous much?) I *almost* bought a potbellied pig once. With the widdle schnozzles and all. But I didn’t. When I was young, I would beg my mom to let me keep whatever stray wandered up. She would always tell me “Not now. When you have you’re own place, you can have a zoo for all I care”. So maybe one day when I make enough money to take care of them all, I’ll have one of everything. Til then….a girl can dream.

I *heart* Design

I *heart* design

I might as well share with the group that I’m a designer. If so inclined, you can take a peek at some of my work (along with my colleagues) at
I pretty much love what I do. It’s rather hectic and demanding. A lot of times clients want to believe that they ARE the center of the universe. But hey…most of the time, in my world, they are. I’m going to post some design sites/blogs/tidbits that I like. N’joy.

ok go

everyone has a story to tell, right? i would say “let’s start at the beginning” but the beginning was so long ago….how ’bout this. i’ll do the best i can to be interesting and informative you just sit back and decide if this is worth the 3.5 minutes of your day. Sound fair?