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On the Fence? The Top 10 Reasons to Attend BarCamp Nashville

If you are still debating on whether or not to attend BarCamp Nashville this year, lend me your eyes and read on so I can convince you not to miss one of Nashville’s biggest tech events:

The Top 10 Reasons to Attend BarCamp Nashville (from my point of view)

10.  Beer – You know this event is at a bar, right? Nothing says “I want to learn” better than getting buzzed by 1pm. Seriously…this isn’t your average stuffy-know-it-all conference…this is a laid back learning experience and it’s amazing.

9.  Friends – I bet you know at least one other person going to this event. If you don’t, guess what? I can almost promise you will leave with a new contact that could turn into a great friendship/partnership.

8.  Me – Connecting IRL with folks you LOL with online is great. BarCamp is a real world platform to meet the folks you chat, twitter and FB with daily.

7.  Food – Even though you have to pay for lunch, the Barcamp crew provide coffee & snacks to get you ready to sieze the day.

6.  Ideas – If you enjoy surrounding yourself with people whose opinions and attitudes make you think critically about your own methods and practices…you’ll love this event.

5.  Rule – As in, the Rule of 2 Feet. Ever been to a conference only to get stuck in sessions that cover topics that don’t interest you? That is basically an impossible scenario at BarCamp. There are usually 3-4 sessions planned for each time slot, and if you feel you aren’t benefitting from the session you decided on you just get up and walk to a different one. It’s that simple, and no one has hurt feelings. You are in total control of your learning experience.

4.  FREE – Generally people love the word free. BarCamp is a truly impressive learning event and it will cost you nothing.

3.  Sharing – If you’re attending BarCamp, you’ve got something to share. Some nugget of info inside your head may just be the key to unlocking someone else’s mysteries. Share yourself! Because it feels great knowing you can help others…no matter what your level of expertise.

2.  Networking – Nashville seems a whole lot smaller when you have so many important folks in one bar. You never know who is going to be there and what opportunities this event could lead to. At the very least, you will come away with a few business cards and perhaps a few friends.

And the #1 reason is…..

1.  Learning – That’s right. At BarCamp, you’ll be surrounded by smarty pants. Attend sessions and engage in conversations to cram as much knowledge in your brain as you can. I’m definitely hoping some smart rubs off on me.


OBTW How the heck did I miss this?

Dani Heileman is Engaged

Don’t ask me why I didn’t immediately blog about this……I’m tellin’ ya folks, that’s just how busy I’ve been lately. Jeff & I went to Breckenridge Colorado in February for some awesome R&R and he proposed on the side of Peak 9. Dropped to his knees on his snowboard on a gorgeous mountaintop. It was amazing and the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined. The ring was custom designed for me including symbols that are close to my heart. The date is September 10th and I can’t wait! If you want more sappy, wedding-y blog entries, check out      =)

Headache-Inducing Fun

3D cross eyed images. These have been around a while and I’m sure you’ve seen some of them. But if you haven’t, I’ve linked a few of my favorites. Making them is a bit tricky, but viewing them isn’t hard to do. It might take a few tries though!

Click on the links below*
Stare at the pictures while slightly de-focused and cross your eyes
You should see three images side by side.
Try to focus on the middle image (while staying de-focused and cross eyed) lol
Relax your eyes to see a stable 3-D image.

Scatophaga stercoria blowing a bubble



Just thought I would share….enjoy!

*author not responsible for eyeball soreness and/or headache that follows

Lovin’ it: Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

You just have to see for yourself. Check Check Check Check it out:

I’m headed out to Chicago for a couple of days. I’ll miss you!

Worth Sharing: The WTF Blanket

This is a video of a Snuggie parody. It made me laugh. The general public must be slightly stoopid. What are people thinking? If your house is that cold, and you can’t afford to turn up the heat, a $20 blanket with sleeves isn’t what you need. You know what would be better? A sweat shirt! Yes! For sale just about ANYWHERE, long sleeve shirts called ‘sweatshirts’ are available. And I’m pretty sure you can find one for less than $20. In more than three colors too. Jeeze, haven’t you people ever heard of clothing?