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Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Callbacks. Networking. Events. Shameless self-promoting is just part and parcel of the entrepreneurship gig. Don’t get me wrong, I love being social. But when you own your own business you have to be a social butterfly on steroids. Why? Because it ain’t who ya are…it’s who ya know. But only if who you know likes who you are. Everyday, somehow, I’m putting myself out there trying to build my myriad of contacts. Twitter, facebook, email, phone. And it’s not about just obtaining said contact. Once you’ve made a connection you have to keep it up. It’s like a little garden. Water, sunshine, plant food, singing. Keep the plants happy. Keep your contacts happy. It’s that simple. Want your network to grow? Want more opportunities? Nourish your existing contacts and plant new ones. Next thing you know you’ll have a bit of an empire.  Above all, be genuine and tactful. Nobody wants to know somebody fake and self-absorbed. Also, keep it manageable. Those people with 3000 ‘friends’ on facebook aren’t any further along than you are. They can’t possibly manage all those contacts and grow them to a real relationship. So whether you are around for business or friendship, take a look at how you are handling your contacts. Maybe take a step back and re-assess. Focus on growing what you have, not just collecting.


Recommended: Meetup.com

Man, I am LOVIN meetup.com. Depending on your personality type, you may love it to. For extroverts like moi, it’s a great too for meeting new people. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to network. One of my groups is meeting up tonight, Nashville 2.0. We are just a small tribe of like-minded people interested in new and emerging web technology. There are a couple of other groups I’m a part of. A fitness group. A womens group. A salsa group. So far, they’ve all been pretty awesome. So if you’re feeling friendly head on over and check them out.