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4th of July in Franklin

What’s a girl to do on the 4th? There’s parties, festivals and all sorts of options. I’m not what you would call a ‘patriotic’ person, but hey I enjoy my days off like anyone else. So I was looking around for things to do. I wound up in Franklin, TN for their 4th festival. Boy I was in for a treat. From phallic giraffes to fast cars, this place had everthing. It even had blue raspberry sno-cones and miserable ponies to ride. Don’t ‘cha just feel sorry for all the petting zoo animals? For some reason we humans like to unleash our untamed, uncoordinated little ones on the poor unsuspecting petting zoo creatures. I saw the cutest little blond hair, blue-eyed girl choking the crap out of a little duck while her mother stood by and took photos. *sigh*  Now that’s Americana.