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PodCamp Nashville: That’s a Wrap!

PCN10 Greeters

GOOD MORNING! is the first thing you would hear as you stepped through the doors at Cadillac Ranch. The beautiful Erin Cubert and the amazing Jeff Brown along with myself would shout out the greeting. Then you would proceed through the effortless registration process ran by the wonderful volunteers. PodCamp Nashville 2010 really was the most organized and smooth camp thus far. Everything seemed to fall into place. If you weren’t part of the crew/volunteers you may not know just how much work went into making the experience flawless. Behind the scenes, starting at 6am, there was bustling and buzzing going on while we hung posters, sorted badges and unpacked boxes. The coffee from Bongo Java and the yummy Dunkin’ Doughnuts were hand delivered by crew members. The posters were printed, picked up and lovingly hung by volunteers to help everyone find their way. As busy and hectic as it was that morning, it paid off two fold. Saturday was so much fun and a great learning experience for all. I’m so glad I was a part of it! If you’d like to be a part of the magical BarCamp/PodCamp experience, volunteer your time at the next event. You’ll be glad you did!

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PodCamp Nashville 2010

Last night was the first of many PodCamp Nashville 2010 meetings. I have a feeling (woo hoo) that this year’s PCN is going to be a great one with more participation than ever. Nominations were made, votes were tallied (and there was vast amounts of sarcasm from lucas the great) and I was voted in as official lackey*ahem* Marketing Coordinator. I’ll be following in the footsteps of The Great Kate; working with all the design, web and content teams to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s a challenge, a big responsibility and a time consuming project. But I think it will be rewarding to work with such talented Nashville folks. Looking forward to everything!