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Weekend Update: Antiquin

It’s official. I am my mother. I used to make fun of my mom for, and even protest against, going antique shopping. Because come on, everyone knows those places smell! And when you’re a kid you can’t touch anything ‘cuz everything is old and breakable. I remember cringing when we pulled over during one of our many road trips to venture through YET ANOTHER antique store. But guess what I did this weekend. I WILLFULLY walked in and browsed around in an antique mall. AND I ENJOYED IT. Oh, the humanity! But all dramatics aside, they really did have some cool furniture and knick knacky type things. I found a vintage pool ball set (it was expensive, wish I could have afforded it) and a 17th century dresser that cost $18,000. Yep. A dresser. For $18,000. No, the comma is in the right spot. I was intricatly carved and smelly to boot, but I had to pass. I only had ten grand on me and they wouldn’t deal.*tee hee*