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Dancing in Nashville: Not so great akshually


Sorry no posts for awhile…been a busy bee. Working and hanging out with my neighbor. My neighbor is getting married btw. I gots a little beef I’ll share. So, her soon-to-be-hubby and a bunch of his beaus went on a camping trip. So of course I see this as the PERFECT opportunity to have a girls night out. Tessa, her two cousins, and I rampaged the unsuspecting Nashville public. We headed to downtown to go honky tonkin’. We had a great time! We sang, we danced…we almost got towed because we forgot to put money in the parking box…but all that aside, I realized that Nashville has a terrible dance community. Back home (I’m from Houston, TX) I danced about 3-5 nights a week. I knew a lot of people. And it seems that everyone knew how to dance. Two step, polka, waltz, west coast swing, nightclub; you name it we danced it. It seems to be the case that all Nashvillians are familiar with is the ole’ try-to-grind-my-pelvis-into-you-while-being-hilariously-offbeat dance. Yeah. And get this…the dudes don’t even ask! Some guy just randomly walked up to me….slide his nasty hands around my waist…and started humping furiously. DUDE. Not. Cool. I elbowed the &%$@ out of him and moved away. But really? Why has society moved from (kiss on the hand) “May I have this dance?” to straight humping? It’s terrible. The art and beauty of dancing seems to be lost on Nashville. And for all of you that are saying right now “What did you expect, it’s a club” well clubs weren’t like that at home. Sure there were some that were that way, but you steered clear of those. This was an upscale, downtown bar. A famous one. With a large dance floor. Maybe I was expecting too much, but it was just sad.