Ripped off and sick of it

I’m like any other hot blooded, tight-pocketed american. I love a good deal. So when I heard that the local movie theatre, Carmike Thoroughbred 20 at 633 FRAZIER DRIVE in Franklin was having “Stimulus Tuesdays” I was a happy camper. Their in-theatre advertisement boasted a “48 oz popcorn and 16oz soda” for a dollar each. AWESOME! So I planned a movie night SPECIFICALLY for Tuesday so I could take part in the deal. WELL what do I get for my dollar? I got a 12oz popcorn and an 8oz soda (filled with ice so more like 4ozs). I wish I had my camera with me so I could show you the dinkyness. So I’m pretty much outraged. The pimple-faced kid behind the counter said “This is what we are giving, take it or leave it”. Carmike has been advertising this out the WAZOO like they are doing us all a big favor. (just google ‘carmike stimulus tuesdays’) What they are really doing is participating in some hellacious false advertising and an enormus rip off. Has anyone else fallen victim to this horrible bait and switch? Carmike, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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2 responses to “Ripped off and sick of it”

  1. Charles says :

    I hear you! I asked if they were kidding and got a refund for my movie ticket. I was outraged and won’t be a Carmike customer anymore!

  2. Grant says :

    We went last week and they were completely out of the dinky stimulus bags. I thought they would be 46 oz (as I had seen the sign a few weeks earlier). This is a hell of a scam they’ve got going on here.

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